Our First Lady - 
Lady Violia Wilson

First Lady, Violia Wilson was born and raised in Baltimore County in December, 1958.  She graduated from Patapsco High School and attended Essex Community College, where she studied Education and Art. She was raised in Galilee Baptist Church and upon baptized for all these years has remained a faithful and working member.

She worked as an Illustrator at Martin Marrietta and continued as a draftsperson for Baxter Travenol Laboratories, where she illustrated schematic drawings.

She is a do all kind of woman and has done everything from hanging dry wall, working with her husband in remodeling their home, sewing, cooking, drawing, and painting, to writing and directing plays, to publishing two books.

She is indeed a “busy for the Lord” woman who exemplifies a quiet sweet spirit filled with the love of God.  She is also a very caring and giving person, a devoted wife and loving mother.

As a pastor’s wife, she has that special touch of promoting the spiritual welfare of her husband and church family.  Always wanting the best for everyone she does anything for.  Whatever her hands find to do, she does it with love and she does it well.
Her motto in life is God’s Word:  
“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.  Philippians 4:13

Her book, “I’m Blessed By God, And I Have Breast Cancer!” is a journal of her journey through Breast Cancer. God used her in a mighty way as she struggled at her weakest point in life and faced with a deadly disease and at the same time facing the wedding of her only daughter.  Her only dream was to make her wedding dress.  But what God did was not short of a Miracle!

Her second book, “Lazarus and The Rich Man, 2K13” began as a play write and drama performed at the Galilee Baptist Church in 2009.  She was so inspired as God poured into her as she was sitting at her computer writing and her fingers where just typing away and chills ran all over her as she read what God was typing through her.  And the results, a second book published December, 2013.

Both books are available directly from the Author or publishers, or